Sustainable Seafood

By Janis Jibrin, RD

When I sit down to a seafood meal, I don’t want anything on my conscience.  I want to know that my fish shellfish isn’t endangered, or in some other way, damaging the environment.

Fortunately, there are lots of “green” choices, right in your local supermarket or fish market. You’ll find them in the Complete Seafood Guide or the Seafood Best Bets on this website.

For more information on environmentally sustainable wild and farm-raised seafood, turn to Chapter 10 of The Pescetarian Plan.  It explains:

  • How the U.S. and other countries are combatting overfishing
  • What’s behind the eco-labels you see on seafood, such as “Marine Stewardship Council”
  • Which fishing techniques are kind—and cruel—to the oceans and other waterways
  • The pros and cons of aquaculture (fish farming)

With just a little knowledge, you can pick sustainable seafood and do the earth a favor.  A “green” fish is much better for the environment than poultry or pork, and way better than beef!

Want to help clean up the oceans and advocate for more environmentally clean fish farms?  Contact any of these reputable organizations for information and ideas on how to pitch in.  And if I’ve missed a worthy organization, please fill me in by emailing me at


General Environmental Organizations that also have Marine and/or Aquaculture Campaigns

Defenders of Wildlife

Environmental Defense (formerly Environmental Defense Fund)


Humane Society

Sierra Club

Wildlife Conservation Society

World Wildlife Fund

World Wildlife Federation


Organizations Concerned with Saving and Protecting the Oceans

Deep Sea Conservation Coalition

Global Coral Reef Alliance

Marine Conservation Biology Institute

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Ocean Conservancy

Ocean Futures Society



Organizations That Focus on Protecting Fish and Championing Sustainable Fishing Practices

Marine Fish Conservation Network

Wild Oceans (formerly the National Coalition for Marine Conservation or NCMC)


Marine Environmental Research and/or Policy Organizations for Protecting the Oceans and Waterways

Blue Frontier Campaign

Blue Ocean Institute


Earth Policy Institute

Food and Water Watch

Pew Charitable Trust Environment Initiatives


Scripps Institute of Oceanography

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


Organizations Focused on Protection of Whales and other Marine Creatures

American Cetacean Society

International Marine Mammal Project

Ocean Mammal Institute

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society

The Wildlife Trusts